Age – It’s just a number

Other than the momentous occasion of turning 21, I’ve never really cared about my actual age. It’s just never been an issue other than the fact people don’t believe it when I tell them I’m 41. I look at two of my style icons – Gwen Stefani, 42 and Jennifer Lopez, 43 – and never think of them as being old. They’re just beautiful women who happen to be over 40.

Age, however, seems to be a hot topic all around me right now.

Whether it’s the hotly debated article around the age for social media managers on IFB, Sarah Mower in Vogue’s August issue exploring her thoughts on wearing leather motorcycle jackets over the age of 30, or the fact that a specific 40+ blogger list even feels the need to exist, it seems to be everywhere.

So what does this mean? Should I pack up my closet, close down this blog before it’s even truly begun, or farm out my social media to my 22 year old son?

No! Just as this year’s fashion trends are breaking rules left and right, we don’t need to adhere to a certain antiquated set of rules as we age. Simply dress for the situation in a style that flatters you, regardless of whether you’re 22 or 62. And if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, age should never keep you away from a career you’re passionate about.  Even the modeling industry is now featuring 65+ models as per this great Fashionista article.

We need to help and support each other to continue to live in a constantly changing world and remember that the only real boundaries are those that you set for yourself.

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