Miami – Naturally Casual

Day 4 of our Miami vacation and on to try yet another Miami Spice restaurant, Mixtura. The location was a little further away than the small area of South Beach that we had become used to, so wanted an outfit that could work in both a nicer atmosphere and somewhere a little more casual.

I decided on putting together an outfit based around a pair of pearlized pink shorts. The glitzy sheen of the shorts was paired down slightly with a tank top and fisherman’s knit sweater. I decided to emphasize more of the natural elements by adding feathered earrings and some beaded wooden bracelets. A great faux stone ring completed the accessories. All of the above are from Express. Accessories are current, and clothing items were found in the clearance section.

The true statement piece to this outfit was my shoes. They are a beautiful snakeskin print wedge with baby-blue cords that tied up my leg. I distinctly remember when I picked them up at Gregory’s in Las Vegas several years ago as they were my first pair of expensive Italian shoes that didn’t come from a clearance rack. Walking out of the store, I made a comment to my husband about being thrilled to own my first pair of “big girl” shoes.




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