Packing Dress Rehearsal

Packing for a trip has always been a last minute thing for me. I’m scrambling the night before to pull together outfits and always end up overpacking. I also end up forgetting things as I’m usually tired from a long day at work.

I knew that I needed a better system. I’m a visual person and I am able to function better if there is a way for me to visualize everything that I want to bring instead of trying to remember what I had put in the suitcase. So, two weekends before we were going to leave for our trip to Miami, I did a packing dress rehearsal.

I started by pulling some of my favorite pieces out of my closet for both dress and casual and laying them on my bed. I made sure I had enough for all days of my trip as well as a couple extras. I then took a look at my shoes to see what would be right with each outfit and where I could utilize the same pair to save some packing space. Accessories were then laid out to go with each outfit.

The final test was trying everything on to make sure it still fit and that accessories worked the way that I wanted. Once I was satisfied, I then took pictures of the bed and made note of one or two other things that I needed to pick up before the trip as well as necessities.

The actual night of packing came and all I had to do was pull up my pictures, grab the items, pack and go. I managed to fit everything into one suitcase this year and didn’t forget anything.



The only downfall to this plan was it gave my cat, Tzeitel, a chance to protest me leaving.


Do you have any great packing tips? Please share!

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