Pinterest as a shopping tool

I have to admit that I love Pinterest.  Being a visual person, it’s one of my favorite sites right now.

Pinterest is a way to have online bulletin boards.  If you’ve ever been someone who rips out magazine pictures, bookmarks great pictures, or just loves to look at cat videos you’ll love Pinterest.  It’s very simple to use and will entertain you for hours.  If you’d be interested in more details on getting started, please let me know in the comments section and I’d be happy to do an introductory post.

For the rest of this post, I’m going to assume you’ve already been happily pinning cute animals, great fashion, amazing deserts, beatuiful pictures and whatever else inspires you.  I’d love to pin with you and you can find me here.

Now that I’ve been on Pinterest for a while, I’ve been starting to find practical uses for it.  The first, most obvious one, is for inspiration.  I create a seperate board each new season to specially collect fashion pictures that inspire me.  These boards are also helpful when out shopping.  Since Pinterest is available on my phone, it’s easy for me to pull up my board and show a sales associate what I like and give them the opportunity to pull pieces that fit with my current interests.

Pinterest Inspiration Board

The other thing I’ve done is create a Shopping List board.  Since you can pin pictures from most web sites, I’ll grab pictures of items that I’m thinking of buying.  Because the link to the item is stored with the picture, I easily go back and check if a particular item is on sale.  I’ve found this particularly helpful also when I’m preseason shopping and not ready to buy yet, but want to remember fun pieces.  An additional benefit is having the picture to take shopping with you if you’re looking to match up colors.  No longer do you have to try and remember if that shirt will highlight the shoes you recently bought online, you can instantly check your Pinterest board on your phone.

Pinterest Shopping List


How are you using Pinterest ?  I’d love to hear other ideas on how you’re making Pinterest work for you.

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