Making a Lyst, Checking It Twice

Shopping feels like it used to be so much easier. Growing up in a small town, we had only one or two fashionable shops to choose from. Once in a while as a special treat we would go to Milwaukee or Chicago and spend the day wandering through the mall or strolling down Miracle Mile. Selection in those days was a bit more limited, but at least we more or less knew what we had to work with.

These days many retailers and designers are available online. The problem now is being able to quickly find the things you’re interested in. Trying to shop through Google searches quickly becomes frustrating, as the amount of items you have to sift through is just overwhelming.

One of the current answers to this problem is the concept of social curation. Similar to an art gallery that would curate works of art from all over the world, several applications are now available to help you find fashion curated by others with similar tastes.

One of these sites that I’ve been recently playing with is Lyst. Lyst allows you to follow designers, stores, or other users to find items you’re most interested in. This becomes your personal feed and you can then easily add items to your own personal ‘lyst’ or just buy them directly through the site.

There are a couple of significant features that save this from becoming just another Pinterest.  There’s a good range of stores in different price points.  You can follow high end designers, but also add items from retailers such as H&M to your personal feed.  You can easily filter by price point, type of item, or what is on sale.  If you connect your Lyst profile to Pinterest, you’ll be notified when items you’ve pinned go on sale.

Another interesting feature is being able to monitor when runway items are available for sale.  Designers will post collections from their latest shows.  If you add items to your ‘lyst’, you’ll be notified when they’re available for purchase.

You can see or purchase items from my Lyst by clicking through images on the left hand side of my blog or by following me on Lyst.  If you’re already on Lyst, let me know.  I’d love to connect.


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