Post IFBCON Shopping Spree

The Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference (IFBCON) has been an amazing experience. New friends, great ideas and advice for the blog, and lots of fabulous fashion. I’ll be doing a full recap post shortly full of pictures and fun moments.

Last night was my last night in New York and I made the most of it. I may have to do some penance for my shopping, but I feel the pieces I picked up will be things I wear over and over. Definitely worth skipping my daily Starbucks and brown bagging lunch for a little while.

First stop was the Prada store. I having been eyeing up the minimal baroque sunglasses for several months now and decided to finally invest in them. They have a whimsical look and beautiful purple tinted frames. Great statement glasses.


I haven’t seen the purple ones online, but other colors are available on the Prada site. Note that if you decide to splurge, they are cheaper on the Prada site than at a Sunglasses Hut and the Soho store has a greater color selection.

The second stop was at Aldo. Now I know that Aldo is a chain store that is a available in Milwaukee, but there is so much more selection in New York! The shoes I picked up are a stunning pair of Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen inspired heels. Despite the seemingly awkward placement of the heel, they are amazingly comfortable! The electric blue suede and leather looking detail make them a wonderful statement shoe that I hope to wear to Milwaukee’s RunUp fashion celebration. You can get your very own pair at the Aldo web site.


The final stop was at Kenneth Cole. OMG, the bags! I loved every single one! Honestly, the great selection made me pause to think and not just impulse buy. I think I’ll set up a sale alert on Shop Style to keep an eye on them. What I did end up buying was a pair of alligator (or is it crocodile?) multi-textured rubber rain boots. They’ll be so stylish not just for rain, but all those slushy winter days. They’re available online at the Kenneth Cole site.


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