Goodbye Summer

Most people look at Labor Day as being the transition point from summer to fall. Colors tend to darken, sweaters come out of storage, and everyone is ready to embrace fall fashion.

While I love a good sweater and a cute pair of boots as much as the next girl, I really struggle to let summer go.  Living in Wisconsin, it feels like most of the year is sweater season and the brief time for sundresses, shorts, and sandals goes by too quickly.  It’s too hard to let go just because someone says so.

Well, this past weekend officially marked the first day of fall.  As if the weather knew that a calendar date wasn’t good enough for me, it decided to support fall by dropping the temperatures and sending huge gusts of wind.  The days are getting shorter and while it might hit 70 degrees a couple more times, I need to say my goodbyes to summer for this year.

So, this week I’ll switch out my closet and pack away those summer things.  I take comfort in seeing the spring/summer 2013 runway shows and know that I’ll at least be able to pull out some of my lady-like fashions and bright colors again next year.


One final look before packing them away. My Boden vintage swimsuit and Baker’s bow-tie flip-flops. I was in love with 50s inspired fashion this summer.
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