Meeting Steve Madden at Boston Store

Last weekend Boston Store in Brookfield offered the opportunity to meet Steve Madden.  I was excited to meet a designer whose sense of style was one that I had admired many times over the years.  Living in Milwaukee, this was a rare opportunity.

However, I had two dilemas.  First, I realized I knew nothing about him as a person.  What would I say, besides I love your sense of style ?  I also didn’t own a pair of Steve Madden shoes that would be right to wear to this event.  It seemed like I should be wearing something of his to show how I styled it, but that just wasn’t going to happen.  What to do ?

I started by just doing some online searching.  Turns out, Steve Madden has lead a fairly colorful life which included a stint in jail for securities fraud and money-laundering charges (for other companies, not his own).  That didn’t seem like the thing to bring up, so  I decided to ask about his sources of inspiration instead.

Next, what to wear.  I also saw online that he loves fresh fun style.  So I opted for my most fun pair of boots, a shirt with some attitude,  and some metallic, harder edge jewelry.

Snakeskin cut sleeve top from Express earlier this year, military green shorts from H&M last year.


I love these boots as they are soft and comfortable.  The distressed leather zips down over the top of the boot on both sides to create a vintage look. You can get your own Donald J Pliner boots at Boston Store.

The event started at 2 and I wasn’t quite expecting the line I was greeted with when I arrived.  If you look out in the distance to see the opening to the mall, that’s just part of the line!



It wasn’t all bad as free shoes were being given away and I got my lips made up for upcoming pictures.  I also grabbed a couple of shots of great Steve Madden shoes to add to my wish list.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find them online, but they should be in a Boston Store near you.

Nebula Glossimer, my awesome Chanel lip artist.
Great cheetah print Steve Madden booties at Boston Store.
Steve Madden Girl electric blue sandals at Boston Store
Posing with Julissa Bermudez. She was beautiful and a lot of fun!

When I finally got to the front of the line, the experience was a little anticlimatic.  He signed my Steve Madden bag, I was asked to look up and there was the photo.  It was all a little rushed and I don’t think he would have talked to me at all, but I managed to squeak out my unoriginal “I love your style” comment as I was being ushered off.  Oh well, at least he looked up and complimented my boots.  :)

Posing with Steve Madden. Not exactly a Vogue moment, but at least the whole experience was fun.


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