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I’ve been wanting to do a feature post on Snapette for a little while now. I met Caitlin, their marketing manager, at IFBCON earlier this month and was intrigued by Snapette’s story. Snapette aims to bring shoppers back into stores by allowing stores and designers to feature products as well as enabling users to snap pictures of what they find in stores.

As much as I appreciate technology that allows me to shop online, at heart I really prefer to be in a store. There’s something about the experience of touching the fabric and trying items on in a store that is ultimately more satisfying.  Plus, a great sales associate can be worth their weight in gold for product information.

Unfortunately, unless I have the time to wander through the boutiques or the mall I don’t really know what’s out there.  Smaller boutiques generally have little to no inventory available online so there is no good way to search.  Here’s where Snapette helps.

Using Snapette’s app on your phone you can easily see a feed of other snaps that are near you as well as snaps from people or stores you follow.

You can also help populate Snapette’s feeds by snapping pictures of items you see when you’re out shopping.  You can tag them with a store, designer, price, and description.  You can also specify what type of item it is, whether you own it or not, and share it on several social networks.  People can choose to love items and the most popular have their own feed.

This option also works well for boutiques in smaller cities that aren’t in the featured store section.  As a boutique owner you can snap pictures that nearby shoppers will see.

I’ve captured several screen shots to give you an idea of how the app works below.  Besides the phone app shown below, you can also view snaps on the Snapette website.

Clicking the 3 lines in the lower left of your screen gives you a menu.
The Snaps screen shows you snaps that everyone is loving right now as well as snaps near you.
The stores screen has stores listed for major cities around the world.
The offers section has special sales.
The offers section also has special contests for snapping photos.
Within my profile, I can see snaps that I love as well as snaps from people I follow.
When uploading a photo, several filter options are available.

I’m having a great time on Snapette right now and you can follow Barely Practical on Snapette through the website link.

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