RunUp 2012 Review

This past Friday was Milwaukee’s annual fashion event – RunUp. This year, it was in a new location, the historic Pritzlaff building, and had a glamourous 1920’s theme. The event combines a Mount Mary College student designer competition, fabulous food and drinks, a runway show, and so much more.

People started out in a small building outside which housed registration, a spot for photos, and the student designers. There were some logistics issues with registration, but once you got through it was easy to move around and see the designers. The designers did a great job as well as their models!

Outfits by student designer Jordan Hehn
Student designer Abby Janiszewski and her models
Outfits from student designer Megan Zeman
Outfits from student designer Caitlin Kroening
Outfits by student designer Courtney Coslet
Outfits by student designer Courtney Coslet












The courtyard filled with new model Lincolns then led into the main building. For the first half of the evening, the runway was behind closed doors so people were free to mingle without worrying about finding their seats. There was plenty to do between Boston Store’s Dior beauty bar, complimentary coffee drinks from Roast, main bar, amazing appetizers, or just people watching!  Attendees really went all out participating in the 1920’s theme.




Later that evening, the doors were opened up and it was time to grab our seats.  Those of us that had purchased front row seats had assigned chair numbers.  While it was nice to not have to rush to grab a seat, at the same time I was disappointed with my location.  The runway was shaped like an L and those of us at the tail end had a hard time seeing the preshow performance of Bjorn Nasett as BJ Daniels.

The fashion show itself was great.  There were 9 designers with varying styles and even a handbag designer.   Ramon Lawrence, of Project Runway fame, showed his entire Spring/Summer 2013 collection from New York.  I have a couple of pictures below, but you’ll find many more as well as links to some of the professional photographers’ collections on the Barely Practical Facebook page.  One thing I’d like to see next year is links to the web sites of the various designers in the program.  I have no way of cross referencing to make sure I name the right designer with the right outfit.

Last, but not least, is the goody bag!  It was very well done with a good mix of actual product and coupons.  Some of my favorite things included the Blush beauty bag, $25 gift card to the Pfister Well Spa, and coupons for local boutiques.


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