RunUp 2012 – Glamour With An Edge

Themed events can be a lot of fun. You can use the chance for total escapism and be someone else for the night or you can choose to take the theme and add your own personal style.

RunUp 2012 presented me with just that opportunity. This year it had a 1920’s theme and they were encouraging everyone to dress up. I was eager to look the part, but at the same time wanted to find a way to add some of my own personal style. This was a fashion event after all, and events of this scale aren’t a common occurrence in Milwaukee.

My style tends to shift and change with the seasons and tends to pick up touches from current trends. Fall’s use of leather and fur tends to inspire me to channel my inner rock star when putting together looks. So how do I merge rock ‘n roll excess and irreverence with 1920’s glamour?

My first thought was to try to take 1920s architectural elements such as art-deco and combine them with edgier fabrics such as leather. A noble effort that just proved to be too large for the time and budget that I had. My fallback was a pale pink Victorian dress which would work, but seemed too boring.

The Nichole Ritchie faux leather dress from Macy’s that I started off with. The details held promise.

I sat down to watch The Great Gatsby to get inspired. The one thing that caught my eye was the long strands of pearls that many women wore. Maybe I could do something with that.

After quite a bit of searching I ended up at the Mayfair Mall Forever 21 accessories store.  I spent some time stressing over the right pieces until a light bulb went on – since I wanted excess and irreverence anyways, why not wear them all?

My accessories consisted of 2 necklaces, 2 rings, earrings, and 28 bracelets.

Lavender leather shoes along with a couple of tinted accessories help to bring in some additional color.  I thought the shoes also added a bit of edge to the outfit.

The final touches that really brought everything together were my hair and makeup.  I had the privilege of getting my hair and makeup done backstage with the models.  The girls from Blush and the team from Erik of Norway did an amazing job.

Jhousy, owner of Blush Beauty, finishing up my makeup.

I was really happy with the final outcome. An outfit fitting of a glamourous night out with a touch of my own personal style.

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