A Makeup Adventure

I’m a Harper’s Bazaar Style Panelist member and I receive invitations to try out different items or take surveys from time-to-time.  I recently received an invitation to check out the Dior Dressy Nudes collection at Macy’s.  I’m always looking to pick up simple makeup tips so this seemed like a great opportunity.  All I had to do was pick my appointment time online and someone would be waiting to show me the product line and do a full makeup application.

This turned out to be a bit more of an adventure that I thought.  When I arrived at Macy’s, there was no one at the Dior counter.  Evidently the person who usually staffed this counter was on medical leave and no one was there for my appointment.  Here’s where Crystal, the manager of the Smashbox counter, really stepped up.

She had taken time to check out the Dior Dressy Nudes collection herself so was familiar with the product.  She offered to walk me through the line as best she could and still give me the makeup application that I was wanting.  Amanda, one of the other makeup artists at Smashbox (and a wedding blogger) took some photos for me.

I received some great tips.  For example, you only need to apply mascara to the top lashes.  Blink a couple of times and the bottom lashes are coated as well.  Crystal also talked about how blush should be applied up and down instead of across your face.  The way I’d always thought to put it on was actually making my face look wider.  I guess this is why I’m not a beauty blogger :)

Overall the results were impressive and I liked the way there was just enough color without being too over the top.  If you don’t wear much makeup, a little can go a long way to even out your skin tone and highlight some of your features.

I picked up the Dior mascara, but actually bought my lipcolor from Smashbox.  Many people work on commission and I wanted to make sure that the people that actually helped me got something for their extra effort.   The Dior color in the picture is Esquisse #683, but the similar Smashbox color is called Be Legendary.  It also contains Vitamins C and E to help your lips feel smooth.

Special thanks to Crystal (featured left) and Amanda (featured right) for their help!
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