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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Chances are you see something like the link above or buttons on different blogs that you read.  Have you ever found yourself asking what is Bloglovin?

If you’re like me, you like to read multiple blogs.  Some blogs are updated every day and some only a couple of times a month.   In order to know when new updates are posted, you need a way of being notified.  There are multiple ways of doing this, but I find that I really like Bloglovin to help me manage everything.

Once you sign up, you can easily subscribe to multiple blogs.  You can search for blogs that you already like by putting in the URL on the Bloglovin site, but many blogs will have a button in a prominent place that you can click to instantly add them to your list.  You’ll see mine on the right hand side.

You can set up Bloglovin in several different ways.  If you prefer email, you can get  an email sent to you daily (or instantly) with links to the blogs that were updated.  I really like this option because it allows me to quickly scroll through and pick what I want to read more about.


If you find that you’re buried in emails, you can always go direct to the Bloglovin site where everything is nicely framed up so you can go from post to post. You can group blogs in various folders and easily see how many unread updates are available for each blog.

I hope this gives you a little more information on why you might want to follow your favorite bloggers on Bloglovin. If you have other ways of organizing your blog updates, feel free to share in the comments below.

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