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We all love fashion magazines. Glossy editorial shoots, featured pieces from our favorite designers, and engaging stories about how to make our lives better wait for us each month. With the price of magazine subscriptions going down, my subscription list has continued to grow. It’s not uncommon to see piles of magazines sitting around my house as I work my way through them.

Print magazines are great as I tend to rip out pages and post them to the walls in my office for constant inspiration. However, the piles of magazines do start to stack up (especially in September when I buy a couple extra magazines). They’re also a pain to lug around if I want reading material when I travel. So that’s lead me to try another way of storing my magazines.

What you’re looking at is the Newstand on my iPad.  Many magazines will give you a free subscription to their digital version if you already have a print subscription.  I decided to take advantage and try out several of my favorites.  Most digital magazines offer easy ways for you to click on the cover and go directly to articles.  Some even allow you to easily shop the pieces featured in the article.  However, at the end of the day, many just feel like a PDF of the regular magazine.

One exception to this has been Elle magazine.  Their digital team did a great job by actually adding extra features that make it fun and easy to use.

Easily browse your library of past issues.

Tap any headline to jump to an article or feature.

Upload a photo and mix and match pieces from the current issue in the personal stylist tool.

Double tap any trend collection to see individual items.  From individual items you can shop, share on social media, or drag and drop to the Elle Inspiration board.

Other features include the ability to watch fashion shows or work with the Inspiration board.  You can drag and drop any item to the inspiration board and also add text.  Inspiration boards can also be shared to Facebook to show your friends your killer styling skills.

You can also get a digital only subscription.  While I like the digital version, I’m not ready to give up my print issues just yet.  Are you starting to use digital magazines on your iPad, Kindle, or other device ?  Tell me your favorites in the comments below.

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