Blogger Box Swap

One of the things I love about being a fashion blogger is the blogger community.  There are so many different ways that bloggers support each other and work together.  Meetups, guest posts, and the Liebster Blog Award are some examples, and I’m currently participating in a blogger box swap.  Basically, bloggers are assigned a partner and each blogger sends the other a box with a small item to review.

My partner is Monet Latrice, who runs Style Me Chic.  I was thrilled to open my box this week and find a pair of her handmade tribal print earrings and a DIY kit for glitter shoes!  Monet makes her own earrings which you can purchase on her website and is really into using accessories to make the most of outfits.

I had recently admired a post that Monet had done on her own site for DIY glitter shoes so was pleased to see a kit in the box she sent me.  I’m not going to go into full detailed instructions here, so I encourage you to check out her post if you want to try something similar on your own. Below are the results of the various stages.


I started with a pair of basic black suede wedges and wanted to add a design on the heels.

I love animal prints so decided to try to recreate tiger stripes.  Masking tape was used to block off the areas that shouldn’t get glitter.

Pins were used to mark tape ends so it would be easy to find them under the glitter.

The results after all the tape was pulled off.  These will be perfect for the holidays!

My experience with the blogger box swap has been a lot of fun.  I need to send special thanks to several people.  First, the lovely bloggers who coordinated the swap – Kelly of Keep Sitting Pretty and Melissa of Melissa Chanel.  Second, would be Monet for the fun items.  Finally would be my creative husband, who designed the stripes for my shoes.

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