Introduction to Wantable

Milwaukee has a new fashion technology startup in town.  It feels like if you go out to New York or San Francisco, that’s an every day occurence, but here in Milwaukee it’s a special occasion.  I’m going to celebrate with a three part blog post.  Part I of this series will focus on the company itself and the invite-only blogger party that I recently attended.  Following posts will showcase Wantable makeup and accessory boxes.

Wantable  is a new subscription service that according to founder Jalem Getz, wants to be the of beauty products.  When you register on their website, you fill out a profile that allows Wantable to put together a personalized box of beauty products or fashion accessories.  Products are handpicked from hundreds of boutique vendors by talented curators who, together with Wantable’s technology, assemble a box personalized for you.

The Wantable team recently hosted a fantastic blogger party that allowed us to get to know the team, see more of the merchandise, and network with other bloggers.


Perusing some of the great statement pieces with Jaclyn, Wantable’s social media marketer.

I really love some of their statement necklaces!

The bracelets were also fantastic.  Great selection of sizes and colors!

I was able to pick out an accessory to take home with me.  This was my favorite.


One of the makeup boxes.  A fantastic deal for the $40 price point.

Theresa showing off the Beauty for Real light up lip color.  Fun idea!

The Wantable team.  Knowledgeable, friendly, and great party hosts!

My Boutique 9 shoes were a hit at the party.  I had some fun styling them with a Wantable necklace.  Funny enough, the shoes even matched their carpeting.

 There’s more pictures on the Barely Practical Facebook page.  You can look forward to more in-depth posts on the contents of a Wantable box in the next couple of weeks.

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