Stop And Take A Breath

Happy New Year everyone!

First, I’d like to introduce a new feature on the blog.  It’s called FBFF for Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday.  Katy Rose of Modly Chic started this as a way for other bloggers to connect and for us to go more in-depth on a particular subject each month.  These will be posts that feature a little more writing and a little less pictures, but should still be interesting.  January’s topic is New Year – New You and each week you will see a post on that topic.  Besides my post, you’ll also want to check out the other great bloggers and what they have to say by visiting the FBFF Link page for the week.

Now one of the first thoughts that might pop into your head is “Corleen, that last F is for Friday and today isn’t Friday”.  Well that’s a great transition into one of my first mantras for the new year.  Stop and take a breath.

These past couple of weeks were supposed to be my time of rest, renewal, and organization.  I had great plans to:

  • Spend some quality time relaxing – trip to the spa, relaxing bubble baths, etc.
  • Clean out my email box!  I’m so behind on things
  • Make my game plan for the blog for 2013 and better organize some of my social media
  • Start cleaning out a storage room in our house to turn into a future closet/photo shoot room

While I did get in a great spa visit early in my break, after that things went downhill.  I developed severe back/leg pain that left me unable to do anything.  I even had to cancel my New Year’s Eve plans!  Several visits to a massage therapist and some muscle relaxers later, I’m ok again.  However, I’m still left with none of my plans completed.

Instead of being frustrated, stressed ,and depressed I’m just taking a deep breath and practicing patience.  Tomorrow I start Yoga again to continue to work on my health.  Next weekend I’ll regroup and make a plan to accomplish all those things that didn’t happen over my break.  It might be the end of January before I have those 2013 resolutions, but I’m allowing that to be ok.  This will be challenging as I’m not hardwired to slow down, but I am going to force myself to stop and breathe more often.

So to answer the thought from above about why this FBFF post is coming out on Sunday instead of Friday – it’s all about stopping to take that breath and being ok if I’m a little bit behind.  I’m going to shoot for getting these out on Fridays, but sometimes it may be later that same weekend.  Either way, my goal is to create quality content that you can enjoy viewing and reading.

photo credit: Kat…B via photopin cc

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