Wantable Makeup Box Review

This is part 2 of my set of 3 posts about Wantable – a new makeup and accessory subscription service based out of Milwaukee.  If you missed part 1, you can click the link to read my Introduction to Wantable.

Wantable gave me the opportunity to get a free makeup box so I could review it for all of you.  I started by going to their site to fill out my profile.  Questions included:

  • What types of products I would want to receive
  • Choose the types of eyeshadow
  • Types of blush
  • Types of lip color
  • Tones and textures of lip color
  • Tones and textures of nail polish
  • Types of eyeliner

The questions are directed based on the products you indicated you’d want to receive.  I really appreciated that you could choose multiple answers for each question and that they had pictures to show the different types of product.  They really made the process very easy.  Total retail of a makeup box is between $80-$100, but you can get a 1 year subscription for only $36 a box or a single box for $40.

I was really happy with the box that arrived.  Six full size products, 3 small samples, and detailed information about each.  T, their makeup artist, also included tips on how to wear the different products.

Since I used Facebook as my login, they pulled my profile picture for one of the inserts. My Wantable preferences were shown as well as each product and its retail price.  There was also some great general makeup advice based on the season.  This box talked about how to use metallics.

The second part of the insert listed each product that I had received in my box along with a photo and description.  A nice extra was the “Tip from T” which gave advice on how to use each item.

Each box is different since they have a wide variety of products and boxes are based on your preferences.  Here’s what I received in my box:

  • Swagger Cosmetics eyeshadow
  • MyFace Cosmetics nail polish
  • Verhoeven Cosmetics blush
  • MyFace Cosmetics lip gloss
  • MiA BelleZZa eyeliner pencil
  • Benecos eyeshadow
  • Two Spadaro fragrance samples
  • Kai perfume oil sample

Getting a Wantable box in the mail is little like getting a Christmas gift from your best friend.  You don’t completly know what will be inside, but you’re pretty sure you’ll like it.

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