New Year, New Strategy

It’s time for another Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) post.  And this time it’s actually Friday! This is the second post for January’s topic of ‘New Year, New You.’ Last week’s FBFF post started with the theme of slowing down and taking a breath. Now that I’ve taken a breath, I’ve come up with my plan for the year.

This isn’t your standard list of New Year’s resolutions, but more of a life strategy. The concept is simple;  relax – review – renew – repeat.

This is meant to be an iterative process that is cycled through on a regular basis. The beginning of the new year is a great formal check-in, but I hope to iterate through these steps at least twice this year, and hopefully quarterly. So each Friday in January I’ll elaborate on another piece of my strategy.

This week it’s going to be the first piece which is ‘relax.’ I’m not good at relaxing. I love to constantly try new things and continuously learn, but I tend to keep going until I run myself into the ground. I want my life to be a long distance marathon, not a sprint, so I need to find a way to better pace myself. That’s why planned relaxation is the first step.

Relaxation could be as elaborate as a tropical vacation, but could also be as simple as planning a time to take a bubble bath. I personally enjoy a day trip to the Kohler Waters Spa where I can get an amazing treatment or two and then fall asleep next to the waterfall in their pool.

However, I’ve found that I’m really busy right now so I need to do something a little bit simpler. Here’s where that bubble bath comes into play.  One of Milwaukee’s boutiques, Flagship, gave me a jar of bubble bath from a new line they’re carrying so I’m off to enjoy some relaxation and should have a full review for you later this weekend.  While you’re waiting, don’t forget to check out the other FBFF posts from my fellow bloggers.

What do you do to relax? I’ve love to hear more ideas.

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