Sweet Orange Tub Bubblers Review

One of Milwaukee’s boutiques, Flagship, recently gave me an item to try from a new line they’ve been carrying from Cream City Soap Company.  Since I’ve been wanting to do a little relaxation, this seemed like a good time to take it for a test drive.
Cream City Soap Company is a local Milwaukee company that specializes in making high quality aromatherapy products.  I have sensitive skin so am very picky about the products that I use.  Since they use essential oils instead of cheap fragrances, I felt comfortable giving it a try.  My review product was a jar of sweet orange scented Tub Bubblers. It’s meant to be used in the tub or to be sprinkled on your shower floor to give a burst of aromatherapy.

I found the aroma to be energizing, but not overpowering.

I added a generous 1/4 cup to very warm water and was pleased with the amount of bubbles generated.

Best of all, there were no reactions with my sensitive skin. Next time I’ll try their suggestion to sprinkle this on my shower floor in the morning.  I think this particular scent would be great to get going and I’d opt for a more soothing scent for my bubble bath.

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