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I admit it. The blog has been suffering a bit lately. My goal has been to get at least two posts out every week and supplement on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in between. Social media is always a bit easier for me as I can quickly share curated content from some of the other great people I follow, but I like to spend more time on a blog post as I’m passionate about wanting to create quality content for you.


To help get more out on the blog, I’m going to start using an editorial calendar. This will allow me to better plan posts that I want to get out and give myself deadlines to stick to. We’ve all heard that if we want to stick with a new goal we should tell others. So with that in mind, I’m going to give you a peek into this week’s posts.

This week is going to be special as I have some extra time as well as some things I’m really excited to share with you. Note that I’ve split some of my content into multiple posts to allows focus on a particular thought from a larger theme. Hopefully that will also make it easier to quickly read during your busy day.

So here’s what’s in store for you this week:

  • Tonight – Part III of the series of Wantable posts I’ve been doing. This is the accessory box review.
  • Tuesday – Part I of a three part series on this past weekend’s gallery night and fashion show at the Pfister Hotel. This will be a follow-up on Timothy Westbrook and some of his pieces.
  • Wednesday – Part II. An overview of the fabulous fashion show styled by Alexis Rose showcasing Timothy’s work.
  • Thursday – Part III. My look for the fashion show and how I chose to style it.
  • Friday – The final Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) post for January’s theme of New Year, New You. This post will finish up my thoughts on my new strategy for tackling things in 2013.
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