Wantable Accessory Box Review

About a month ago I introduced you to Wantable, a makeup and jewelry box subscription service. I also reviewed a Wantable makeup box so now it’s time to review an accessory box.

Wantable sent me a free accessory box to review for you around the holidays from their Vintage Glam collection. This was their first accessory box and the jewelry was gorgeous. Pieces are personally curated by Bjorn Nassett of FashionFarmBoy.  With over 30 years in the industry, he’s developed a keen sense of style and loves helping others find their fashion voice.



I appreciated the fact that Bjorn made several Wantable YouTube videos to talk about styling the Vintage Glam pieces as I wasn’t sure what to do with the velvet ribbon that was included.  One of the videos showed it with a broach and a large Parisian style bow tied in the back which was very chic.

Since then I’ve also purchased the current January box so thought I’d spend a little more time showing you what was included so you can see examples of items you might get this month.

Pieces are chosen based on profile questions you answer. If you happened to fill out the profile in late December, they’ve updated questions since then to help with personalization. Similar to the makeup profile, I could choose multiple answers from each category. Questions I was asked included:

  • My preferences for gold or silver
  • Type of accessories I’d like – earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces
  • Ring size
  • My style preferences – trendy, glam, rock ‘n roll, and classic

The box arrived with everything neatly packed in a small velvet bag and wrapped carefully in tissue paper.  A return shipping label is sent with each box as well in case you don’t like the choices picked for you.  I also received an overview sheet with some general accessory trend information and another personalized sheet with styling tips for each piece I received.  I didn’t see any YouTube videos for this month’s box, but I don’t think they would be necessary.




I was once again pleased with the selection I received and chose to wear the bangle and the ring to a fashion show I attended last weekend.  While it’s fairly easy to buy a single box at $40, I’ll probably switch over to a subscription for $36/mo as I’ve been really happy with their selection.

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