Designer Timothy Westbrook

Last fall I had the opportunity to meet Timothy Westbrook, the artist in residence at the Pfister Hotel.  I’ve seen Timothy off and on since then as I’m a frequent visitor to the Pfister Well Spa and always try to stop in and say hi or see what new pieces he’s been working on.

Gallery night at the Pfister was a great opportunity to stop in and see what he has been up to.  His work continues to impress me and some of his latest pieces are extraordinary.  They’re all made from repurposed materials and sewn on a 19th century treadle sewing machine or a Victorian style floor loom. His pieces are so unique as he is fusing his passion for conservation and the environment with his love of unicorns, fantasy, and princesses.

Much of Timothy’s work was showcased in a fashion show later that evening (check back tomorrow night for more details), but I wanted to dedicate a post to his studio and some of the work featured there during gallery night.  Below are some of my favorite pictures we captured, but you can see them all on the Barely Practical Facebook page.

I love this photo as it captures Timothy’s great personality. Notice the matching painting that artist Gary Leonard did of Timothy’s dress in the background.

Timothy Westbrook dress and painting

Timothy’s love of unicorns is present throughout the studio.


I really liked his Strong Bow Cider shoes last fall, but the PBR shoes are even more fun.  Yes, those are hole punches from PBR cans!

PBR Shoes

I loved this great tribute to Timothy from his fans.

Timothy Westbrook Unicorn


Timothy will be at the Pfister until March 29th when he will unveil his legacy piece for the hotel.

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