Timothy Westbrook Fashion Show

16 days and no budget. That’s what Timothy Westbrook and Alexis Rose Criscimagna had to work with to produce the fashion show that happened last week Friday night at the Pfister hotel. Oh yeah, this was also the first fashion show that Alexis had ever put together.

The result was impressive. Not just impressive considering the above factors – rather it was genuinely impressive when compared to the other, better funded shows I’ve seen put on by seasoned professionals.

The Pfister was the perfect venue, providing both an elegant setting and a spacious backstage area for hair and makeup. The imperial ballroom was set to easily allow attendees a great view and access the cash bar at the front of the room.

The opening of the show was moving. Alexis’ passion shown through as she talked to us of how she had achieved her dream by putting together this event. Timothy talked about how leaving his home had helped him to find a new family in all of us. After those touching moments the lights went down and the opening video started.

When the lights came back up we were treated to live violin music. The show was well choreographed and models adeptly navigated their long trains. Instead of exiting the ballroom, models elegantly danced in the corners. The pieces were well styled while the makeup added a fantasy edge. Timothy’s eco friendly designs were supplemented by pieces chosen by Devin Coleman from Goodwill and the Blaq Wardrobe.

We captured many great pictures from the night, but I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from the runway. You can check out the full collection of pictures on the Barely Practial Facebook Page.









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