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A smartphone can be a savvy shopper’s best friend.  It allows you to have access to information and coupons while on the go.  I recently had the chance to use Target’s iPhone app while shopping for the Prabal Gurung collection.

I knew that items were going fast online, but thought that I’d have access to most of the clothing items in my local store.  I was suprised to find a very limited selection when I got there.  In fact, none of the clothing items from my Prabal for Target wish list were there except for the clutch.

On top of the limited selection, what was there was going quickly and racks were picked over 10 minutes after my local Target opened.  My strategy was to quickly pick the items I thought I might want and then stand to the side in order to go online to order what I could find from my wish list. It feels a little weird to be standing in a store and buying online, but time was of the essence.

Many store have websites that are mobile friendly, but I find that specific apps are much easier to navigate.  Target did a great job on overall design of their app (which isn’t suprising knowing their focus on design in general), and they really excelled in creating the navigation of the Prabal for Target collection within it. It was easy for me to quickly see what was already out of stock altogether and where my size was gone so I could move on to the next item.  They also mentioned on each page that shipping was free for purchases over $50 so I added on a beautiful floral ring to the dress I had grabbed.  Once I was ready, it was just a matter of going to the shopping cart icon in the corner and putting in my payment information.

 Target app home screen


Prabal for Target shoe selection


Product Details


Sizing information


While I didn’t get many of the items from my wish list, I did get some great pieces thanks to a combined effort of online and offline shopping.

Prabal for Target floral ring

Prabal for Target accessories

Prabal for Target dress

Prabal for Target colorblock dress

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