A Night at Lela Boutique

Last week I had the chance to attend the Eva Franco trunk sale at Lela Boutique.  I always enjoy my visits to Lela as they have very knowledgeable staff that knows their merchandise really well.  Everyone there makes the shopping experience really fun with their genuine enthusiasm for the clothes and how they fit.  The one exception to that rule might be Sam, but he’s so cute it doesn’t matter.

Lela Boutique Sam


This visit had some extra perks including champagne, cupcakes, and chocolate.  It was a nice treat to kick off our Valentine’s Day evening.

Lela Boutique Valentine Treats

Carrie, Lela’s owner, went through the various samples with me discussing cut and sizing which was very helpful.  The trunk show consisted of 3 racks of Eva Franco items in sizes 2 or 4.  While at one time I could pull off a size 2, that’s not the case anymore so a good understanding of the different styles and how they work with different body types is essential.  As much as I loved some of the prints, Carrie was able to help steer me away from some styles that ran small or were cut in a way that wouldn’t work with my curves.

 Lela Boutique Carrie

I ended up picking out a fun feminine dress in pink.  I promise a style post once it arrives in March.

If you’ve never been to Lela, it’s worth checking out.  They have a really fun mix of new items and a great consignment section with many items supplied by Bjorn Nasset of FashionFarmBoy.  They’re also one of the few places in Milwaukee that I’ve been able to find items from local designers.

I’ll leave you with some fun pictures of the boutique.  There are many more on the Barely Practical Facebook page so stop over for the full photo album.

Lela Boutique Accessories

Lela Boutique Clutch

Lela Boutique Bag

Lela Boutique

Lela Boutique Candles

Lela Boutique

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