Designer Kelvin Haydon

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to view a show featuring designer Kelvin Haydon.  I found Kelvin’s designs to be fun and different from what you see in many stores.  Many had a sexy edge that would make any woman stand out from the crowd.

I saw several themes amongst the designs coming down the runway.  Several dresses featured a whimsical use of buttons in various colors.  They were cute and flirty and felt like they were made for fun.

Another set of dresses incorporated mesh panels.  I thought some worked very well as he did a great job of balancing sexy and classy.  However, I felt some of the mesh panels on the other dresses were a bit precarious with their placement and would be tough to wear.

A third theme was an almost space age use of plastic.  I thought this was really fun, especially when he incorporated some of the glittery colored pieces.  They’d look great with some of the translucent jewelry and lucite heels that are currently out for spring.

I talked to Kelvin briefly after the show and he hopes to have some pieces in boutiques later this year.  I’ll post updates on my Facebook page as I hear more.

Some of my favorite looks from the show are featured below, and you can find a full set of pictures from the Kelvin Haydon show on the Barely Practical Facebook page.

 Kelvin Haydon button dresses

Kelvin Haydon dress


Kelvin Haydon Blue Dress


Kelvin Haydon dress




Kelvin Haydon dress

Kelvin Haydon dress


 Kelvin Haydon Dress



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