Fashion in Bloom

Spring is finally here.  My tulips and daffodils are blooming and if you’ve been reading the blog or following along on the Barely Practical Facebook page, you’ll know I’m all about floral right now.

Last weekend’s fashion show at the Green Living festival at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Domes was the perfect emodiment of what I’ve been feeling.  The show conjured images of whimsical fairy royalty gathering amongst the flowers.  Timothy Westbrook’s designs made from recycled materials were the perfect choice for the festival and Alexis Rose once again styled them for the setting.  Timothy and Alexis Rose have partnered together before for their fashion show at the Pfister and this show proves once again that they make a great team.

I appreciate they that took a risk by having one of the model’s faces covered, similar to what we see in many Alexander McQueen shows.  What could have felt out of place, seemed more like the dark fairy who balanced out the group.  Another trend I saw in the show was the use of ear cuffs which I thought added to the enchanted feel of the show.

Finally I have to also note the makeup done by the Beauty by Essentials team.  It added to the rich look of the outfits and was uniquely perfect for the whole experience.  Some of my favorite pictures from the show are below and you can see the rest in the Green Living Facebook album.

Timothy Westbrook green living

Timothy Westbrook green living

Designer Timothy Westbrook


Timothy Westbrook design


Timothy Westbrook designs


Beauty By Essentials makeup


Fashion Show Makeup

Alexis Rose Ear Cuffs


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