Cloth App Review

The dream of managing your wardrobe with technology was first introduced to us back in 1995 during the movie Clueless.

Since then, quite a few companies are trying to tackle closet management. After my recent spring wardrobe update I’ve been trying out several which range from the simple to highly multi-featured. I’ll provide a brief review of each as I get a chance to spend real time with them.

One of the first ones I’ve tried out is Cloth for the iPhone. The idea behind it is to take pictures of your outfits and catagorize and tag them. You can then search for outfits by catagory or by tag. The app itself is free, but you can also choose to pay $1.99 for an upgrade, which gives you a built in weather feature that will tag the outfit with that day’s weather and allow you to search previous outfits based on weather as well.

I opted to stick with the free features to start. My strategy was to try to take outfits shots each morning after I got dressed. My success rate wasn’t quite perfect and Cloth’s built in status helped to remind me. The app gives you points and you can earn badges for uploading outfits and sharing with your social networks.

Overall I found this app quick, fun and simple to use. I’ve added in screen shots for you to check out below.

Closet Management - Cloth App

Closet Management - Cloth App

Closet Management Gamification - Cloth App

Wardrobe Management - Cloth App

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