Pretty in Punk

The summer edition of FashionableMags recently came out.  Just like the FM spring edition, it has a great selection of new style makers – designers, photographers, stylists, bloggers, and other creative people that are working to make things happen.  However, the theme for this issue is Punk Redefined and it brings a whole lot of attitude to the pages of this release.

You can view the new issue via the Issue app on your Android phone (nothing for us iPhone users yet), download the pdf for your tablet, or view directly below if you’re reading the blog on your computer.


While punk might not be your normal style, you can still add elements to give your outfits a rebellious edge. The trick in balancing the line between costume and fashion is moderation. Go for inspiration instead of recreation. Try a more girly dress with spiky punk heels or go for colorful glitzy accessories with your jeans. I’ve added some of my favorite items to add punk inspiration to your look. Would you rock these?

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