Project Runway Showcases Milwaukee

I’m so excited for Milwaukee!  We have two designers featured on Project Runway! Timothy Westbrook and Miranda Levy bring different visions to the table and each have earned their loyal fans. Admittedly I have a special place in my heart for Timothy and you can easily see he’s featured all over my blog. And while I don’t personally know Miranda,  I have tons of respect for her and her work as well.  Honestly, I’d be thrilled to see either of them get ahead.

What makes me sad is the that both Project Runway and the local media are trying to tear Milwaukee apart.  Whether it’s Project Runway’s “hoping for some home town rivalry” or local media talking about the “dueling parties and competing events” we’re being led to pick sides.  I however found it interesting that if you look a little closer, you’ll see comments on one of the Facebook invites suggesting the reason for separate parties is that Timothy and Miranda are contractually not allowed to appear together.

There are two amazing events planned for the this coming Thursday evening. The Project Runway premiere party for Miranda Levy is at the Intercontinental Hotel starting at 6pm and show viewing at 8pm.  The after-party will be at La Cage.  The Project Runway premiere party for Timothy Westbrook will be held at the Pfister Hotel starting at 6pm with a fashion show at 7pm and show viewing at 8pm. The after-party is at Blu.

What makes me happy is that while there are two separate events on Thursday night, the Pfister has setup a shuttle so you can go from one event to the other.  Maybe you go for drinks at one event and then watch the show at the other.

Either way, Thursday night let’s celebrate  Milwaukee fashion!


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