Timothy Westbrook Project Runway Party

Sunday night you heard about the Miranda Levy Project Runway premier party, so now it’s time to check in on Timothy’s party.

Timothy had been an artist in residence at the Pfister Hotel,so it was only appropriate that they had a special celebration which included a fashion show.  I was happy to see he was again collaborating with Alexis Rose, as they had made a great team for several of his last productions. This time Alexis Rose operated in the role of fashion director and she brought in Elyse Cizek as creative director and Megan Zarnott as assistant director.  The ladies put on a great show and brought in some new partners for dresses and accessories.  I’ve highlighted a couple here with some of my favorite pieces, but I suggest you check out either the Facebook invite to see a full list or check my Facebook album where there are many individual pictures tagged.

Kicking off the Timothy Westbrook show

The fashion show featured some of Timothy’s work which you’ve seen before in my previous Timothy Westbrook posts.  What especially jumped out at me was the gorgeous fur bag accessorizing his red dress from Linda Marcus Design.

Timothy Westbrook design

Linda Marcus Design Bag

Timothy Westbrook Design

Timothy Westbrook Design

Timothy Westbrook Design

There were also a couple of elegant dresses from Zita’s Bridal.  Not suprisingly, I was especially loving the accessories provided by Wantable and was inspired to go out and pick up another accessory box.  If you’re not familiar with Wantable, check out some of my earlier posts on the Wantable accessory and makeup boxes.

Zita's Bridal

Wantable Accessory

Zita's Bridal

Zita's Bridal

Wantable Accessories

 The other big theme in the show was swimsuits.  Paired with turbans made by Bree Rose and coats, I felt a 30s or 40s influence.  While most of the swimwear was provided by Brown Cow Vintage, my favorite was the two piece suit from Linda Marcus Designs pictured below.

Linda Marcus Design

There are more photos of the show, winners of Timothy’s most inspired outfit contest, and many of the guests on the Midwestbrook Facebook album on the BarelyPractical page.

Timothy has a special place in my heart not just because I’ve covered him so much on my blog, but because I love escaping to his magical world of unicorns and fairies.  I love modern fashion, but what girl doesn’t dream of ball gowns? I had to share one last photo which was the highlight of my night when I got to not only meet Timothy’s family, but get a hug from his mom.

Timothy Westbrook Mom



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