Fab shoes for Lucky FABB 2013

I was thrilled to receive an invite to Lucky Magazine’s fashion and beauty blogger conference (Lucky FABB) this fall in New York. Last fall I had the opportunity to attend the International Fashion Blogger conference (IFBCON) and realized just how important it was to dress to impress.

I really wanted to be able to wear something from a Milwaukee designer. I remembered Timothy Westbrook mentioning he wanted to make me a pair of shoes so decided to take him up on the offer. We sat down together one night, collaborated on the perfect design and several weeks later the Barely Practical Shoe by Timothy Westbrook was born!


Timothy Westbrook shoes

Besides the fact that these are just some of the most fabulous shoes I now own, they have such a great story behind them. If you’re not familiar, I’ve featured Timothy Westbrook multiple times on my blog. He is a collaborative fiber artist focused on sustainability and his talent is in making beautiful things out of the unexpected.

I brought in an old pair of shoes that wasn’t looking so great, but was so comfortable and had such a great heel shape that I couldn’t bear to get rid of them. Using my shoes as a base, we mapped out how to use pieces of an old fur coat to transform them into something amazing. They’re going to be perfect for Lucky FABB and I’m so excited to be able to represent some of the talent from my home town.

I’ll have outfit pictures in a couple of weeks, but for now used some of the unique architecture in my room at the Royalton in NYC to style them.





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