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Earlier this year I talked about my strategy of relax – review – renew – repeat. Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done that and recent events have helped to remind me that it’s time.  Things were crazy over the past 6 weeks between my day job, Milwaukee fashion events, and then off to the Lucky FAAB conference.  I’ve now taken a little time to relax, but it’s time to review and renew.

One of those event that I mentioned above was the one year anniversary of my blog. I’ve been so busy that I never stopped to acknowledge or celebrate everything that has happened. While the first post was actually in June, I consider August to be that anniversary and when I really got going. I added an archive section over to the side to easily show what’s gone on over the year.

I’ve tried so many different things and learned a tremendous amount. Like any one year old, I’m only beginning to understand this world and everything there is to do and learn. I’m happy with my progress, but want to do so much more.

Going back through the archives you can see progress in several areas, especially the pictures. Part of it was learning how to better use WordPress to size and layout pictures, but the major difference came from partnering with my husband on photography.  For example if you look at my pictures from the RunUp 2012 show versus his pictures at this year’s Haute List show you’ll see a major difference.

Haute List CanCanRunUp 2012


I’ve also experimented with different types of posts such as:

This has all been great and I’ve also learned how to better engage with all of you through social media. At first I was disappointed that there weren’t that many comments on the blog, but I think it’s really because I hear from many of you on my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram feed. It’s easier for me to quickly share a great shoe or a fun article while I’m standing in line for coffee in the morning than to always sit down and write a full blog post so I tend to update those pages more frequently. I’ve also found Facebook to be better for sharing entire albums of pictures quickly when I couldn’t write about the event right away. Speaking of pictures, I’ve kept up a full set of Pinterest boards and done some fun things like a fashion videos board that you should definitely check out.

There’re days when I feel like I’m not getting much accomplished, but looking back there was so much! While early writing and photos are hard for me to look at, it’s important to understand what worked and what didn’t.

So what’s next and where do I go from here? My next post will address some of the things that I learned at Lucky FABB and some thoughts on where that will be. Thank you for all of your continued support on my journey and I look forward to sharing some fun new things as the blog continues to grow!

As a final review, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite shoe shots from the past 14 months.

Osvaldo Martini snakeskin wedgelilac leather sandal


 Corleen and Fanny shoes

Fur Boots

Calvin Klein cut out wedge

Enzo Angiolini gladiator sandal

B Brian Atwood Michelet booties

BCBGeneration clear pumps

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