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Lucky FABB


Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a fashion and beauty blogger conference in New York – Lucky Magazine’s Lucky Fabb. In some ways it was similar to IFBCON which I attended last year, but overall I enjoyed this conference more. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as well as hearing from top bloggers and celebrities were great benefits, and the legendary Lucky Fabb goody bag exceeded my expectations.

I took a couple of pictures of the goody bag below, but I gave up on trying to get it all as there’s just too much. There was a variety of gift cards and coupons, beauty products, and accessories including jewelry and a handbag. There was even a shirt courtesy of Paige denim! I think there’s going to be some extra gifts going under the tree this Christmas.

Lucky Fabb gift bag

Lucky Fabb goody bag

Lucky FABB goody bag

Lucky FABB goody bag


As great as all of that was, the real value for me was in the founders series on day two of the conference. I had the chance to hear the stories of entrepreneurs  such as Jess Lee of the wonderful fashion and home decorating collage site Polyvore, Neil Blumenthal of the customer focused eyewear site Warby Parker, Katia Beauchamp of the subscription discovery box service Birchbox, and Deena Varshavskaya of curated shopping site Wanelo. They were all solving problems and helping to bring new experiences to shoppers.

There were some great messages to take away, but one that really resonated with me was the importance of focus. Other top bloggers mentioned the importance of developing a niche that sets you apart and gives people a reason to read your blog. Fashion-focused entrepreneurs talked about the need for starting small and building on success. This is something I haven’t really done with Barely Practical in my first year as I really wanted to learn the ins and outs of what it meant to be a blogger and try different types of posts covering all aspects of fashion.

While listening to Tamara Mellon, cofounder of Jimmy Choo, it really hit me that my passion is shoes. While I love a great total look, my outfits are usually built around a great pair of statement heels. So it’s time to take the next step and narrow the focus of Barely Practical to – you guessed it – shoes.

The change is going to happen gradually, and you’ll see new content and a new design emerge. I’ll kick it all off this coming Thursday with a Thanksgiving shoe editorial. I hope you enjoy the new focus and look forward to your feedback as the blog continues to grow.





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