Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland of shoes

Winter’s here. Like it or not, everything is covered with snow. While I don’t relish the cold, it’s a great time to pull out fur accessories and statement shoes fit for the winter holidays.

My winter shoe editorial was inspired by the beauty of the winter landscape in our Wisconsin woods as well as the plethora of holiday decorations. I’m sure you’ve seen (if not done it yourself) a mantle place or TV top decorated with a scenario depicting a holiday tradition or a snowy winter wonderland. I decided to create my own featuring some of my favorite shoes.

The fur sandals were a custom creation by Timothy Westbrook made entirely from repurposed materials. The Amaya Print Perfect Miista boots were a recent purchase from Aberrant Sole and one of the jewels of my current shoe collection. Combined with a couple of other things found around the house, it made for a beautiful shoe-centric piece for winter.

Miista Amaya Print Perfect boot

Miista Amaya Print Perfect bootie

Timothy Westbrook fur sandals

Miista Amaya Print Perfect boot

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