Aldo DULAK Boot Review

Aldo DULAK boots

Aldo has always been a go-to when shoe shopping. It’s easily accessible in almost every mall and it’s at the top of my list when updating my seasonal wardrobe. They have a great selection of casual and work appropriate shoes, and I have to give them some real credit as their new styles continue to call to me season after season.

I’ve always loved winter white as a color. It’s got a rich warmth that reminds me of angora sweaters and hot chocolate covered with marshmallows. I instantly fell in love with the Aldo DULAK boot when I saw them in the store. The gold buckles perfectly compliment the color, and the straps give them some attitude. I was further enamored once I tried them on and felt how soft the leather was. The almond toe, side-zip, and supple leather make them easy to wear with socks or to just toss on over tights.

While I didn’t expect them to be right for heavy snow, I was hoping to wear them in winter on the ice covered sidewalks. I thought they’d be more stable than my heels. Unfortunately, the bottoms just don’t have the grip and they’re still fairly slippery. However, if it’s a warm day and the snow has melted from the sidewalks, they’re one of the first boots I pull out.

Aldo Dulak Boots

Aldo Dulak Boots buckles



While I’ve worn them with the same tights and leather skirt you saw in my Vince Camuto Kina bootie review (these boots are my alternative to flats when I have to do a lot of walking), most often they’re what I pull out for jeans and a sweater. I tend to wear my jeans rolled up to show off the detailing as cute boots should never be hidden.

We recently rescued an adorable new kitten named Toshi. As a new member of our Barely Practical family he was happy to help show off these great boots.
Kittens and great shoes - best combo ever

Aldo Dulak boots

Cute kittens and cute boots

Aldo Dulak boots

 The boots also come in black and both colors are on sale for less than $100. If you need a pair for your own closet and is out of your size, you can puruse some similar styles below.


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