Cut That Out!


Don’t wear white after Labor Day.

Don’t wear pastels in winter.

Do wear layers of jewelry this season.

Sometimes it seems fashion is literally overflowing with do’s and don’ts. Do wear this. Don’t wear that. What’s more, these do’s and don’ts are constantly changing, and what was acceptable a season or two ago is passé and dated now. In any other walk of life we’d call them rules, but in fashion, we call them trends. And understanding their true nature is a key component in developing a unique fashion sense.

When I was younger, I was always afraid to read the “What’s In/What’s Out” features of magazines. Staying on-trend was vitally important to me, and I certainly didn’t want to learn that the cute purse I’d just picked up from the clearance rack was no longer socially acceptable. Furthermore, this black&white devotion to current trends was complicated by magazine ads, many of which contradicted the very same issue’s fashion advice, promoting the exact trends I’d just learned were now “last season.” I didn’t know what to believe.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to see trends for what they are; guides that help us make the most of currently available designs while also considering the season and contemporary tastes. Trends aren’t hard and fast rules by any means – indeed, occasional trend bucking is an excellent way to stand out. But learning and embracing current trends can be a powerful tool when assembling your next wardrobe.

With this in mind, one of the current trends I’m enjoying is cut-outs. Their versatility make them a great way to transition from winter boots to summer sandals – simply wear tights or cute socks on colder days, or go bare on warmer days for a little extra ventilation (plus the added fun of showing skin in unexpected ways.)


Cut-outs can range anywhere from a couple of large, strategically placed cutouts to densely packed patterns of shapes. It’s actually been pretty interesting to see how this trend has emerged from laser cut leather perforations back in spring 2013, then to fall’s cut-out booties, and now on to spring 2014’s larger missing chunks.

This season I’m seeing cutouts in a variety of styles from heels to flats. I have to admit that while low heeled shoes aren’t normally my thing, I’m attracted to some of the oxfords and low heeled boots I’m seeing this season. I’ve curated a list of some of my favorite styles, with brands from Topshop and Victoria’s Secret to Gianvito Rossi.

If you find yourself with more time than money, another route to go is DIY (Do It Yourself). If you’re new to this, I’d suggest you pick up an old pair of ‘practice’ shoes from your favorite thrift store to try out first. If you need some inspiration, here are a couple of fun finds from Pinterest.

Corleen Heidgerken’s pin on Pinterest.

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