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20140309-IMG_2556This past week I had the opportunity to visit Timothy Westbrook in his studio to get the inside scoop on his new show, Legacy.

My interest in Legacy was really twofold. Of course there were the shoes – in this case color changing skates utilizing recycled beer cans (more on that soon.) But I was even more curious to learn what Legacy was truly about. Timothy’s shows are more performance art than a typical runway show, and I wanted to get the story behind it.

Timothy Westbrook

First, the shoes. One of Timothy’s great talents is using repurposed materials (a.k.a. trash) to turn ordinary things into something magical. And while I certainly don’t want to suggest skates are exactly “ordinary,” I was certainly amazed at his latest creations.

Timothy Westbrook Ice Skates

You may have seen some of Timothy’s earlier shoes made from beer cans in one of my previous posts, but as a bonus these skates have a magical power – they change color with the temperature. If you scroll back up to the top of this post, you’ll notice the skates are silver. Look directly above and you’ll see the skates are a soft, powder blue.

This magic is thanks to the majestic mountains of Coors Light. Coors looks to give you a beer “as cold as the Rockies” and the mountain on the can turns blue when it is sufficiently cold. By using pieces of the cans, the skates will turn colors on the ice based on the heat of the wearer’s foot. Beautiful!

As much as I love the skates, what came next really surprised me as I started to ask questions about the story behind Legacy.

Timothy is known for his love of unicorns and you’ll find them all over his studio. So I almost fell off my chair when he told me that unicorns were really his third love. For him, his passions in order were always sewing – ice skating – unicorns.

Ice skating was a passion of his that he had to give up at the age of 14 due to the huge expense. Sewing and creating were things that helped him to fill the void, but this show is about him being able to come full circle back to one of is early passions.

We’ll see Legacy unfold through symbolism. Look for things in threes, such as the three green fairies that represent his grandmother, aunt, and sister who attended Russell Sage College in the same city he did his first residency. And of course there’s symbolism in the skating, which is Timothy’s coming full circle on his passions, and his journey from being the boy obsessed with unicorns to the man becoming a unicorn.

As to the fashion, I asked Timothy what we could expect to see this time.  He said there was a greater focus on construction of the pieces, and we’ll see origami themes and interesting folds. From a materials perspective we can look for artist waste – old canvas, paints, splatters, and more.

Based on his previous shows I have no doubt Legacy will be an event you won’t want to miss. It’s coming up on Wednesday, March 19th and for the price of $15, it’s a steal. Even better you can buy a package deal for his show and the Silversark show on Friday, March 21st. Silversark does some amazing steampunk-themed fashion and will have a preview piece at Timothy’s show for you to check out. Tickets are still available and can be purchased online through Eventbrite.

It’s wonderfully poetic that even as he reuses and repurposes man-made materials for his designs, Timothy is reusing and repuposing aspects of his own life’s journey to drive the narrative of this show. While he was happy to share some of the symbolism in the show with me, he mostly wants us to experience it with open minds, free to feel and build our own stories from the experiences of the show.

In honor of Timothy and his upcoming show I thought I’d leave you with images we captured from Timothy’s studio to experience and form your own thoughts of the man who isn’t afraid to dream.

Timothy Westbrook Studio




Timothy Westbrook Studio

Tiimothy Westbrook Studio


Timothy Westbrook Studio


Timothy Westbrook shoes


Timothy Westbrook Studio


Timothy Westbrook Studio


Timothy Westbrook Ice Skates



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