The Irish Snake Charmer

St Patrick's Day Style

It’s time for another Saturday Shoe Sales post – the weekly segment where I scour the virtual clearance racks to find great shoes on sale.

It seemed fitting to make St. Patrick’s day the theme for today’s post and the most obvious thing to think about would be green shoes. However, I believe there’s a missing piece to the St. Patrick’s day story for shoe lovers everywhere.

St Patrick Snakes

You may have heard that St. Patrick was responsible for driving all of the snakes out of Ireland. Now think about this for a minute, where do you think all of those snakes ended up? Have you ever noticed a never-ending abundance of snake skin shoes? Hmmm…

Today’s picks showcase snakeskin as a design or as a texture, and just for some extra Irish fun there are a couple of great emerald green shoes mixed in too. In addition to some of the usual retailers, there are a couple of new ones worth checking out including and (where you can currently get 25% off everything with code GET25). Happy Shopping!

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