First Green of Spring…

20130413-IMG_6598It’s March and there’s so much to celebrate!

First, I think our long winter full of constant snow and sub-zero temperatures is about over. I’ve been hibernating much of the season since it was just too painful to go outside unless absolutely necessary. Heavy boots were the norm as I didn’t want to risk damage to my cute new shoes from the snow or salt, and preventing frostbite was the first priority with everything I wore.

Now the snow is starting to melt, and – just like the grass starting to peek through – it’s ok to start showing a little skin. Whether that’s pulling out a cute peep-toe pump or trying a cut-out bootie, it’s all part of the fun transition to spring. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, be sure to check out the feature: Cut That Out.

20140323-IMG_3457-EditOne of the other benefits of spending the winter indoors was taking the time to really think about where I wanted to go with the blog and what it should become. If you’ve been reading for awhile you’ve seen the journey from random fashion-related topics to the more concentrated focus on shoes. I was also lucky enough to be able to work with my husband on the photography. We had a great time covering events and working together on selected posts, and now it’s time for the next evolution.

I’m happy to be able to call my husband one of my best friends, and with the next evolution of the blog, he will truly be a partner in this venture. He brings a background in digital media and will function as a creative director. Our hope is to create something that is more than a blog, but rather a comprehensive digital shoe experience.

The first step is the redesign we just launched, and you’ll start to see a bit more going on with the content as well.  However, this is just the beginning, and you’re going to see lots of experiments over the next couple of months. Some will be great, others perhaps less-so, and I’d love your feedback along the way to help us in the right direction.



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