Miista Amaya Print Perfect Bootie Review

Independent. Irreverent. Curious.

With these three words Miista describes their style, accurately summing up their shoes and themselve alike. I recently discovered Miista through Aberrant Sole and instantly fell in love with their company’s ideals, to say nothing of their extensive selection of fantastic shoes.

Seriously, Miista has a lot to choose from. But we have to start somewhere, and so I selected the Amaya – Print Perfect booties. The brown upper features a floral design that’s suitable for spring or autumn alike, and the translucent heel is highlighted with a blast of neon yellow that makes me feel like I’m walking on sunshine.

Miista Amaya Bootie

These booties are very well made and extremely comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend them for a full day of shopping, but they’ve been fine for a couple of hours on my feet.
miista bootie, heels, shoesAt just under $300, I’m really happy with the Amaya booties. Between the sleek upper and the funky lucite heel they’re a great way to make a statement while remaining comfortably stylish. They pack a 4 inch heel offset by a half inch platform. I appreciate that they come with spare heel tips in case the originals get worn down – a really nice touch!

I’ve worn these booties several times, usually playing off the floral elements. I loved how they helped to create a more casual, funky look with one of my more lady-like spring skirts.

Miista Amaya Print Perfect Bootie

If you sign up for Aberrant Sole’s newsletter you can get the Amaya booties for 10% off. They also have sales from time-to-time which is how I picked up mine.

I would highly rate these booties. If I had to list a complaint – it would be that I don’t already own the Amaya Candy Flowers bootie in pink.

Miista Amaya Candy Flowers Bootie

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