What’s Mine Becomes Ours

Several months ago, the decision was made for my husband, Gerard and I to become full partners in Barely Practical. While I love working with him, this has been my baby for so long that it’s hard to remember to say this is “ours” instead of just “mine.”

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This journey started as a fashion blog, a simple creative outlet and a way for me to justify why I was spending so much time online looking at fashion and shoes. I quickly realized I needed some help and brought him in to help with photography and to help me improve my writing skills. We enjoyed collaborating and always talked about new ideas, but never seemed to get anywhere as time was limited.

I can’t tell you the exact moment when our thinking started to change from my hobby to our entrepreneurial venture. I think the idea happened gradually as focus was switched to shoes and we started thinking about how to cover some of our expenses, but was fully manifested when the stars aligned and he was able to devote a significant amount of time to Barely Practical. You’ve already seen his contributions everywhere from the new video teasers popping up in shoe reviews (we have a Barely Practical YouTube channel now!) to some of his witty posts in new features such as SOS (Save Our Shoes). I’m proud of how our content is starting to grow in quality and I hope you’re to seeing the difference as well.

filmstripThe hard part for both of us is breaking the habits of this is mine versus ours. We decided to combine our two home offices into one room for better collaboration. What this means is Gerard’s learning to share his physical space with me even as I’m learning to share my digital space with him. Still, I admit this has sometimes been a little harder for me as the blog had become part of my identity. But I’m slowly getting better at letting some things go, knowing that together we’re creating an editorial site we can both be proud of. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world that I can work on something I love with someone I love.

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