Michael Kors Maribella City Sandal Review

Michael Kors MirabellaIs it just me, or is lucite one of the greatest things to happen to heels? Add a little height, add a little sunlight, and BAM! Instant wow factor!

Being as Michael Michael Kors is the MK “affordable” line, I’ve found their shoes to be a mixed bag – sometimes they’re chic and sophisticated, but other times they’re almost tacky, with the overuse of gold accents and MK labels branded directly on the shoes. As a line, Michael Michael Kors is definitely hit or miss. And in the case of the Mirabella shoe, it’s very much a hit and a miss wrapped up into a single city sandal.

First, the hit. These sandals are gorgeous. Wide black leather straps criss-cross and wrap around the ankle, and are then offset by a large gold buckle. The short Lucite tortoiseshell block heel is compact and sturdy, and looks amazing when the sunlight streams through. Generally I prefer high heels for what they do for my legs, but sometimes I appreciate a smaller heel for days when walking is required.

Michael Kors Mirabella City SandalAnd that’s where I figured the Mirabella would shine. With its low block heel, throw on some ankle-length cigarette pants or a midi skirt and you have a perfect vintage look for a day of shopping. And so it is for the first few minutes, but then we hit the Mirabella’s painful miss.

140503-1-2After walking in these shoes for only two hours, the rigid leather straps had already begun to cut into my skin and create some pretty nasty blisters. As I’m generally a devotee of the “fashion before function” school of thought, I’m accustomed to the art of building my summertime calluses, and am no stranger to carrying a few band aids in my purse just in case. But it’s been a while since a pair of shoes has worn my toes down so much, so quickly. I might have to put the S.O.S. team (meaning Gerard) to task and see if he can find a way to soften the leather – until such time, these will be some difficult shoes to get use of.

The severe blisters are a tough quality to overlook, but if you can manage then these really are gorgeous sandals. They fit mostly true to size; perhaps a touch on the small side, but only just. I got a great deal on them – 25% off thanks to the Boston Store Goodwill Sale (something to check out if you’re not already familiar) and I’m still hopeful they can join my work and shopping rotation once I figure out how to deal with those blasted straps.

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