Lost Sock? Or New Beginning?

lost socksYou may have noticed that we’ve taken an interest in obscure holidays – those that pertain more or less to fashion and shoes, at least. Today brings us to another of these oft-forgotten (or more likely, never known) holidays, being Lost Sock Memorial Day. It seems a perfect fit for Barely Practical, and a subject worth pondering.

Over time our socks get lost. Usually this happens somewhere in the laundry chain. It’s become the subject of many jokes and has spawned the occasional urban legend, but it’s mostly just an accepted – if curious – fact of life.

So yes, let’s share a moment in remembrance of these poor lost socks.

And now let’s move on.

Odds are, you think you already moved on long ago. After all, you’re not one to get overly upset about lost socks. You wear them, you wash them, you lose them, and you forget them. But do you really? Or do you in fact have an eternally growing stockpile of mismatched socks stashed away, adding to it here and there, but never taking away from it… never throwing away a sock who’s mate has been missing for near a decade because, well, maybe it will return?

It’s not going to return, and it’s time to accept that. But this doesn’t mean wastefully trashing dozens of otherwise functional socks. True, socks are generally found in pairs. But – as with human couples – they can still do great things on their own. All you need is a little creativity, and maybe a pair of scissors.

While the original missing socks may have gone off to seek adventures of their own, those left behind can enjoy new lives as fashion accessories, pet toys, or any number of things. I’ve assembled a few ideas below, and have even more on the Barely Practical Pinterest Page. You’re limited only by your imagination, and of course your stockpile of single socks.

Socks + Catnip + Knot = Instant Kitty Fun
Cut the feet from socks and you have yourself a sleeve extension. Add some jewelry or lace for some extra “pop!”
Coffee cozy. Need we say more?
Matchy-matchy is dull-dull. If you’re lucky enough to have two mismatched socks that coordinate take it as an opportunity for awesome!
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