Emerging Shoe Designer: Taylor Reeve

When it comes to statement shoes, they usually fall into one of two camps – abstract or literal. Abstract shoes are those that heavily distil their inspiration and then artfully mold it into footwear, while literal shoes are those that simply apply the inspiration directly – think of the difference between a shoe with flower-like elements vs. one with roses for heel stems and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Less commonly found are shoes that are both literal and abstract at the same time, but this rare combination is exactly what designer Taylor Reeve puts into each of her creations. Literal artwork adorns the bottom of the shoe while the uppers carry the the theme along in the abstract sense, making for a shoe that’s unique, daring, and fun.

Taylor Reeve - SmilesTaylor Reeve is relatively new in the fashion scene, until recently creating most of her art by hand on preexisting shoes and selling them through Etsy. It was only when demand outpaced her ability to keep up that she opted to take things to the next level by going into full shoe production mode.

Today her shoes are produced by the same manufacturer than makes shoes for L.A.M.B., Bebe, and Badgley Mischka. She’s clearly in strong company, but there’s no danger of Taylor’s shoes being overshadowed. With designs pulled from such diverse topics as The Wizard of Oz, Egyptian history, comic book art, Native Americans, and so much more, each of her shoes “pops” in its own right, telling a story and looking fabulous.
Taylor Reeve - Romantique
Taylor Reeve - Monarchie
Taylor Reeve - Lookie
Taylor Reeve - Farrah

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