A Theme of Summer

20140531-IMG_5834It’s June! While technically still spring, now that Memorial Day is past it feels like summer. I think we’ve been conditioned since we were kids in school that summer is the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when we were free to enjoy our days and didn’t have to follow a schedule. Now, as an adult, that definition of summer doesn’t really apply, but it still drives how we think about the season.

Summer, at least for me, is really about warmer temperatures and spending every spare moment outside. Whether it’s exploring the beauty of nature, a patio at a great restaurant, or an excuse for yoga on the beach, soaking up every moment of warmth and sunshine is a welcome relief from the harsh winter that isn’t yet forgotten.

Flowering TreesAs I look forward to this month on our site, we’re going to try and incorporate more of those wonderful outside elements into our content. Imagine the beauty of flowering trees as the backdrop for breathtaking pink pumps, or introducing you to new pedicure products via a picnic on the grass. There will also be plenty of tips for taking care of your shoes this summer such as our recent post on saving your shoes from foot odor.

One more new thing you can look for are themes. Instead of random posts, we’ll going to try out having themes for a group of posts. Themes might be based on a mood, a color, or perhaps a particular shoe to inspire you for a week or a couple of days. We want to create a more experience-driven space for shoes where you can be informed, inspired, and hopefully impressed :)

Finally, we love hearing from our readers. Are there things you’d like to see more of or learn more about in the shoe lifestyle space? Feel free to shoot us an email via our contact form, leave a comment here, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Thanks for reading and now go enjoy some time outside!

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