Zara Pink Court Shoe Review

Sometimes simple is best.

I love complex designs. Intricate patterns, contrasting color-blocking, and nuanced silhouettes make the world go ‘round. But sometimes, simple can be breath-taking.

Consider the Zara pink court shoe. It doesn’t get any simpler. Basic geometry guides the design, comprised of little more than a triangle atop a cylinder heel. These pair up to create a dramatically arched shoe towering atop a 4.5” heel. More into physics than geometry? Check out that crazy inclined plane – these heels demand attention (and ankle strength.)

Zara Court ShoeAs wonderfully shaped as these shoes may be, the true star here is the color. That pink… I swear I’ve had dreams about it. Indeed it was this pink that inspired me to dedicate multiple posts this week to these shoes (tune in tomorrow for styling ideas,) the Call of Color, and to the concept of color in general.

Zara Court ShoeMade from polyurethane, Zara’s court shoes have a pleasant sheen reminiscent of patent leather. The T and ankle straps help keep them on your feet while also nicely counter-balancing the chunky heel. Visually balanced, at least – in reality the large heels make these shoes a bit back-heavy in the physical sense. Stilettos might have been more appropriate to the lightweight front, but wouldn’t have provided that wonderful stability of the cylinders. Admittedly the sharp angle of your foot on a 4.5 inch heel without benefit of a hidden platform can be tough to walk in. They work for me for a day at the office where I’m just walking from meeting to meeting or for a great dinner out when you can park close by.

If, like me, you’re wondering – what in the world is a court shoe? It’s the British version of the pump. This particular shoe is almost closer to a sandal as the only thing that’s really covered is your toes.

I have to admit that I really like Zara’s products. They’re definitely fast-fashion, but if you’re opting towards affordability then Zara always seem a notch above the competition, both in style and materials. At only $79 these shoes really pack a punch. They won’t be your everyday go-to shoe, but when needed they’ll absolutely shine (and in the meantime, that color will add a smile to your face every time you look at them.)

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