Summer Color – mix it up!

Zara Pink Court ShoeThis week is all about the call of color. Yesterday, we reviewed the Zara pink court shoe and today we continue the theme by talking about styling an outfit to go with it. Every great shoe needs accessories, right?

When styling a shoe like this, there are so many options. Instead of worrying about matching the pink to something in particular, I instead went for bright colors overall.

Avoid matchy-matchy…
mix it up!

Zara pink court shoe Zara leather skirtEach piece in this outfit stands on its own as a statement piece. The baby blue vegan leather pencil skirt and the printed art t-shirt with its netting sleeves each have their own wonderful color going on. Bring them all together and you have a chic modern outfit.

Outfit aside, I’d like to do a special call-out on my wrist accessories. The polka-dotted watch is courtesy of Modify Watches, an impressive company that I was introduced to in my Lucky FABB goody bag last fall. You’re able to buy separate watch faces and bands to mix and match for your outfits. It’s a great way to make a practical necessity like a watch coordinate with your moods.

I’ve also been using a Fitbit for tracking my sleep and steps throughout the day. Again, a favorite of mine because the bands come in multiple colors.
fitbit and modify watch

Want to try a similar look or grab an item for yourself? Follow the links to shop this post:

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