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preventative shoe careIs there anything like that “new shoe” smell? A mix of leather mingled with pride and fairy dust, and just a pinch of “I really shouldn’t have but you only live once.” If you’re anything like Corleen you live for that smell – that, and the excitement of wearing them out for the first time. But between that first sniff and those first steps, consider a quick visit to a cobbler.

No, seriously.

When you break a heel or ding a toe, a cobbler might be your shoe’s last hope. But there’s actually a great deal your cobbler can do for your shoes before they venture forth into that big, dangerous world.

Heel Tips: More and more shoes these days are coming with replacement heel tips, but this is an area where aftermarket brands might serve you better. Instead of the usual rubber or plastic, high quality polyurethane heel tips are a snap for your cobbler to install, and they not only wear better but can provide extra cushioning with every step.

Sole Protection: A new designer shoe with a fresh leather sole can be a thing of beauty, but it’s just not equipped for the cruel world in which we live – asphalt, concrete, and puddles will make short work of it. While soles can often be replaced, a much better (and cheaper) option is to have a protective rubber sole installed from the very beginning. This small effort can add years to a shoe’s life expectancy, and because colors can often be matched no one ever need know 😉

Fine Tune for a Perfect Fit: While you’re at it, why not stretch those shoes a bit if they’re too snug, or add some padding or insoles if they’re a touch loose? Suffering for your shoes is so passé, and nothing beats a fabulous pair of shoes customized just for you.

Lastly – need we say it again – Spray Those Shoes: Actually, you don’t need a cobbler for this one, but it does bear repeating. Get yourself a good water repellent… and use it!

Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk Ball Of Foot Cushions
Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Ball Of Foot Cushions
Kiwi SELECT Universal Super Protector
Kiwi SELECT Universal Super Protector
Dr. Scholl's for Her High Heel Insoles
Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel Insoles
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